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Canada’s Leader in Canine Detection

Our mission is to protect the community, with the help of man's best friend.

Titan Détection

Titan Détection is an agency affiliated with TITAN SÉCURITÉ that offers detection dog services. We offer detection services for explosives, narcotics, firearms, as well as certain elements relating to public health. We offer unparalleled customer service, marked by rigor and professionalism.

Titan Détection operates a major canine training center in Quebec, where detection dogs are trained, as well as their handlers. Our approach to training our teams is science-based. We are dedicated to supporting research on the various uses of canine detection, as we believe in the vast potential of this practice.

Our Facilities


Titan Détection has a canine training center spanning several hectares, located on the South Shore of Montreal. Fully equipped, this is where the training of our teams takes place. The center is made up of a kennel that can accommodate more than 20 dogs, a large exercise area, a grooming room, administrative offices, warehouses and garages. The site is fenced and equipped with barriers and security cameras. A security detail is also arranged for dogs requiring an additional level of surveillance.



Social Responsibility


The reality we all face today is that, on the one hand, the medical system struggles to diagnose certain illnesses quickly, and in a cost-effective manner. On the other hand, patients are also faced with long waiting lists and unpleasant procedures in order to receive a diagnosis.

One thing remains certain; early detection increases the chances of survival for a person afflicted with a fatal disease. Diagnosing illnesses early and accurately is crucial, and to do so, we need the ability to detect very low concentrations of biomarkers.


Titan Détection is involved in research and development of a disease detection method utilizing sniffer dogs, which could be beneficial for physicians and their patients alike. Although there currently no ways to prevent cancer, detecting it early allows for an effective management of the disease and more favorable results. Science has shown that patients diagnosed with cancer earlier are not only more likely to survive, but can benefit from better treatment plans and higher quality of life than those diagnosed at a later stage.


  • Ghenadie Odobescu


    With extensive experience in the field of security, Mr. Odobescu has directed all Titan Détection operations since its foundation. An accomplished entrepreneur, Mr. Odobescu has built a team of international experts in security, technology and training. Over the course of his career, he has managed many complex files which now serve as benchmarks within the industry. His in-depth understanding of current security issues has enabled the creation of innovative solutions for the benefit of his clientele.

  • Roberto Valente

    Vice President, Finance

    Mr. Valente began his professional practice in 2005 with Ernst & Young S.E.N.C.R.L., where he acquired solid experience in auditing in major biotechnology, finance and food industry files. He then joined the team at RSM Richter Inc. in 2007, where he worked for six years in the corporate restructuring department, devoting his energies to reorganization, financing, turnaround, bankruptcy and insolvency and forensic accounting projects. By conviction of social responsibility and in order to use his skills wisely, Mr. Valente was a member of the board of directors of Ambulance Saint-Jean, Quebec Council, for two years and an executive council member of the Order of Saint-Lazare, Commandery of Montreal since 2013.

  • Pierre Jacques

    Vice President, Special Projects and Canine Detection

    With a career spanning 34 years as a police officer under his belt! Mr. Jacques remains an expert in public safety and emergency preparedness. His experience gained during these years as a patroller, dog handler, non-commissioned officer, trainer, and instructor at the dog squad level. And finally officer, and manager in the service in support of investigations and emergency services. This has allowed him to manage and participate in numerous police operations since the early 2000s. He has played an operational role in site security, explosives detection, major disappearances, helicopter deployments, demonstrations of all kinds, natural disasters, and high-risk interventions. With training in public safety and management. Pierre demonstrates ethical values and mobilizes leadership that ensures the effective management of Titan Detection’s teams.

  • André Dussault

    Vice President, Business Development

    Mr. Dussault is a passionate, results-oriented executive. He is described as having the head of an engineer, the heart of an entrepreneur and the mind of a marketer. His professional journey resembles a triathlon of entrepreneurship, business strategies and innovation. What Mr. Dussault loves above all is simplifying complex problems, developing quality partnerships and working with his teams to exceed company objectives, all while being very unifying. Being black belt six sigma (2M$ project) and AGILE certified, he has risen to challenges as a branding, technology and market development coach, both in companies with more than 155,000 employees and in startups. After completing successful mandates on several continents, Mr. Dussault is now a facilitator of business connections through his local and international corporate network. His desire to push limits and think outside the box has led him to his role with Titan Détection.

  • Philippe Lapelletière

    Operations Director

    I worked as a police officer with the Sûreté du Québec for 36 years, the last six of which were as a manager.  Specialist in emergency measures that have been my daily life for the past 17 years. I have participated in all the major events in Quebec for the past 30 years. Responsible for securing the site during events involving the Government. Head of the security team in the last 5 elections. Terrestrial Research Manager.  Section leader for a maintenance and law enforcement group. Indeed, the essence of my job is to lead, assist, and coach a team of police officers.

    In addition, I am recognized for my ability to analyze and determine the priorities necessary for the success of a mission and to do so by demonstrating mobilizing leadership.  As you can imagine, integrity, respect for confidentiality, and quality of service are values that I have applied throughout my career.

  • Isabelle Sanche

    Manager of the Canine Training Center

    Isabelle Sanche’s approach to dog training is first and foremost to ensure their physical well-being and education.
    It identifies the specific character traits of each dog in order to teach them the desired behaviors using positive reinforcement.
    His specialization is the training of dogs for the detection of narcotics and bed bugs.